LinkToFill: Sharing Your Fillable Form

Now that you’ve created a filled document, you’ll want to send it out. Copy your filled document ID to clipboard from response body in the console.

With your document id and API Key, visit ‘Fillable Forms/Create Fillable Document' in the API reference section.

Scroll down the page to request ‘Headers’ and under the ‘Authorization’ field, replace the ‘Access Token’ text with your API V2 key.

In the request ‘Body’ paste your document id from the clipboard into the document_id field respectively

Click the ‘Try it’ button. Check the response in the console to confirm the operation completed successfully. A 200 response indicates that your document request was successful. In the console to fetch your template’s shareable URL:

You now have a link to your fillable document which may be used to share with your recipients.