Fillable Template: Creating and Sending Your Fillable Form

Now that you’ve created a document to be filled, you’ll want to send it out. To do this, in the console response ‘Body’ retrieve your document id and copy it to your clipboard:

Open a new tab in your internet browser and proceed to your MyBox at where you should find your newly imported template.

To begin adding fillable fields to the form, click on the green ‘Add Fillable Fields’ tab located in the upper-right of the PDFfiller interface:

Now that you’ve finished adding your desired fillable fields, copy the new document id located in the address bar:

For every fillable field you add, you’ll need to assign a field name which will be noted when sharing the document. To do this, click on the fillable field you wish to name and under the ‘Add Fillable Fields’ tab, select ‘Advanced’ and scroll to the ‘Database Field Name’ bar:

A. Populating the ‘Body’ field:

Switch back to the PDFfiller API tab and add the fillable fields with their Database Field Names to the API call's ‘Body’ with the text you would like to populate the fillable fields with, for example:

Notice in the console if the operation completed successfully. A 200 response indicates that your document request was successful. Now switch back to ‘MyBox’ at your PDFfiller tab and confirm that your desired fields were completed in your updated document:

See the LinkToFill or SendToSign quickstart guides for distributing Fillable Documents to your recipients.