Fill the fillable form

Create a fillable template through PDFfiller website

1.Upload a PDF form to PDFFiller website to create a fillable template and to define fillable fields using Web Constructor. This tutorial describes how to use Fillable Constructor:

  1. When a form is created, save project ID (i.e. DOCUMENT_ID) of the created fillable template: Click ‘More -> Project Info‘ in MyForms on PDFFiller website or request this info through the API.

  2. Now you can use Templates functionality of the API to populate this template to generate filled forms. See API call examples in the next section.

API calls to fill the template

1. Get the API KEY from “API Settings” tab in PDFfiller Developers page.

2. Get information about fillable fields for the template

curl -X "GET" "" \
     -H "Authorization: Bearer API_KEY_FROM_STEP1"

3. Fill the template form

curl -X "POST" "" \
     -H "Authorization: Bearer API_KEY_FROM_STEP1" \
     -H "Content-Type: application/json"

Currently, we support these fillable fields types: Text, Number, Dropdown, Date, Checkbox. We use the following JSON format to fill forms:

        "document_id": "TEMPLATE_ID",
        "fillable_fields": {
            "FIELD_NAME_1": "FIELD_VALUE_1",
            "FIELD_NAME_2": "FIELD_VALUE_2",
            "FIELD_NAME_N": "FIELD_VALUE_N"

Now you can download the generated form or use SendToSign API to send it for signature.

4. Download a filled PDF form

curl -X "GET" "" \
     -H "Authorization: Bearer API_KEY_FROM_STEP1"

File content will be sent back in the response body