Authentication Overview

PDFFiller API authentication is based on the OAuth 2.0. security framework. OAuth 2.0. is a protocol that allows your application to request authorization to private data in a user’s PDFfiller account without getting their password. The first step in the authentication process is to obtain an API key, or access token, from the PDFfiller server to authorize access to the API. The OAuth 2.0 framework provides a number of methods for obtaining the access token from the PDFfiller authorization server. The simplest way of getting the API key for a registered user is to click on the API Settings tab on the PDFfiller API Settings page.

The API key is shown in the Security section. Copy the API key and insert it into the HTTP header “Authorization” to send requests to PDFfiller’s server:

“Authorization: Bearer API_KEY”

API Key must be included in the HTTP “Authorization” header with every API request along with “Bearer” token type. You can refresh the API key by pressing REGENERATE KEY.